The Band

Heath Thomas
Born 4/20/84 in Central Texas, raised in southern Oklahoma and brought up on classic rock n'roll. Heath was drawn to music at an early age, meddled with a few instruments before settling on the guitar at age 14. Film and literature were a huge influence early on as well, which inspired many short stories, drawing from a library of horror movies and his own surroundings. For years he honed his guitar skills with a range of influences from Death metal to Country. Many days of grinding away in the workshop, songs began to piece together and stories were told. By age 20, Heath began what would become, From the Grave, cutting his teeth in Texas honkytonks and the various saloons of Oklahoma. Playing in a few different bands from different genres (Country/Blues and Covers) while the band was sharpening its skills, he spent time experimenting in the studio and stacking notebooks of poetry while traveling the U.S. In 2011, he wrote, recorded, played all instruments (EXCEPT DRUMS) and produced his first concept record, dealing with life after the death of the closest love and the untimely outcome. In May 2014, "The Mausoleum" was released worldwide, since then, From the Grave has took their high energy rock n' roll shows,the visuals of the 70's and mixed it with psychedelic sounds of the album.

Micheal Smith
The Southern Lord, Saint Mikey on the Low end

Bodie Martin
Bio coming soon...